Is your nonprofit ready to evolve?

How can we lead our organization into the future?

Think big, start small, act fast. What if your team could learn the tools and practice how to reimagine and adapt quickly to the changing need of your beneficiaries and donors as well as internal operations requirements? It’s a journey, but you can get started with a 2 and 1/2 day event that can planned, carried out, and encapsulated in a dream book in less than 6 weeks. 

At Mass TLC, we engaged Revol to lead a strategic, multi-day, team-wide digital transformation retreat in 2019 to reimagine how we work. Their leadership and tools were instrumental in our ability to pivot a largely in-person events-based organization to 100% digital in a matter of days when COVID-19 shut down the world the following year.
Tom Hopcroft
CEO, Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, a nonprofit industry organization focused on the high technology ecosystem

How do we make the biggest impact with the leadership team and people we already have?

Embrace data science and people analytics. What if you could understand the workplace styles of your teammates and the resulting strengths and blind spots of your team…all this by asking each team member to take a 6-minute assessment and then a one hour meeting with the team leader? What if your team could work together to prioritize their business objectives and understand how the workstyles of your teammates uniquely contribute to the achievement of those objectives … all in just two 3-hour, interactive virtual sessions?

How do we ensure that our strategic projects succeed?

Think transformational sherpa, not traditional consultant. What if you could access a network of dozens of nonprofits like yours to show you the successful path forward? What if your team had an experienced guide to help you better plan the journey, develop skills needed, and accompany you each step of the way? This is about supporting you as a leader, understanding your team’s unique superpowers, and how to best work together to achieve success.

Compassion International engaged Revol to help us reimagine social innovation. One unique aspect of Revol is the breadth and depth of their connections across non-profits and experiences in both for-profit and not-for-profit. These connecting points and expertise was invaluable in developing our strategy and accelerating our results. They provided critical advice and support every step of the way. We would not have been successful without them.
Mike Cookson
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Compassion International

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