Digital Business Transformation helps your people liberated!

All of our Sherpas have deep, for-profit technology backgrounds having spent at least a decade running tech start-ups during the rise of the web. We have spent the last decade working within the largest nonprofits in the world as CXOs. Since 2017, we have been working at the intersection of the 50 largest nonprofits and the the largest technology companies in the world. We launched the Center for the Digital Nonprofit at NetHope and continue to work with other large nonprofit networks such as Humentum and The Nonprofit Alliance. We specialize in helping bridge the gap between digital business transformation as a vision and practical change management across fundraising, programs, and operations. While we are all deeply technical, our focus is on the individual leaders and the teams tasked with exploring digital business transformation.

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We seek to change your mindset, began a cultural transformation, and provide you with hands-on tools and methodologies that you can apply on your own.

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