Our Solutions

Revol is focused on helping nonprofit organizations build high performing teams and implement successful digital business transformation (DX) initiatives. Unlike traditional consulting organizations, we act as sherpas to guide you and give you the tools to accomplish this work rather than doing this work for you.

High Performing Teams

Align your people and their work to maximize impact.

Digital Business Transformation

Dramatically increase beneficiary & donor intimacy and operating effectiveness.

Transformational Sherpas

Hire experienced sherpas to guide you on the path to success based on other nonprofit organizations.

High Performing Teams

Digital business transformation is about people, process and technology in that order. Without people who function effectively on their teams, any organization will have difficulty implementing strategic initiatives. As a Predictive Index Certified Partner, Revol LLC uses an approach to building high performing teams based on sound behavioral science about work styles and data on over 32 million people and 22,000 teams with an average of 6 individuals per team. We have also customized the PI service specifically for nonprofit organizations.

Using the power and efficiency of the PI methodology, Revol can start a team moving down a high performance track with two half-day workshop sessions and two hours of pre- and post-workshop homework over four calendar weeks. Go Even Deeper by downloading the Revol whitepaper, How to Build High Performing Teams.

Digital Business Transformation

For a nonprofit organization digital business transformation is about re-imagining its way of working to dramatically increase beneficiary & donor intimacy and operating effectiveness.  Transformation requires both a shift in mindset and culture to re-imagine the money-to-mission linkage and to embrace rapid learning and failure with grace and empathy. To achieve this, nonprofits need to adopt deeply data-driven decision-making based on impact data, lean and agile processes that are not stymied by consensus-heavy collaboration, creative confidence that avoids overly bureaucratic compliance cultures, and radical transparency with both donors and beneficiaries. Go Even Deeper by downloading the Revol whitepaper, Getting Started on Digital Business Transformation.

 If you are wondering why you should bother with digital business transformation, just go to WHY DX?

Transformational SherpAs

Revol LLC works primarily with leadership and strategic project teams in nonprofit organizations. We provide you with the approaches and tools so that you can build high performing teams and change your ways of working using digital business transformation techniques. We also ensure you know how other nonprofits have tackled similar challenges. Nonprofits are most successful by learning from and collaborating with their peers. As sherpas, we facilitate these important relationships to help you achieve success more rapidly. Lastly, we also advise other consulting firms and Predictive Index Partners who want to help their nonprofit clients.