Find the right tools and partner for your specific needs

Revol is a boutique advisory firm that serves nonprofits as well as for-profits serving the nonprofit sector. We seek to teach our clients to better understand how to approach digital business transformation in a practical and iterative manner. We act as digital Sherpas to help you determine the best pathway to your digital future as well as a network advisor to guide you in the selection of partners to help you along the way. We are not a traditional consulting firm that seeks to manage implementation projects on a time and material basis. Rather, we offer a mixture of pro-bono counseling session, paid group workshops, and monthly retainer agreements for access to our skills, network, and services. Specific offerings include the following:

  • Personal DX: Reimagining Your Workday (2 hours, pro-bono)
  • Intro to Digital Business Transformation and the DX Toolbox (1/2 day, pro-bono, or low-bono)
  • Design Thinking Workshop (2 ½ day on-site or virtual facilitation with pre and post event work, flat fee plus expenses)
  • Building a DX team (3 to 6-month retainer)
  • Learning from other Nonprofits (pro-bono for retainer clients)
  • Strategic Plan Development for the DX Future (workshop or retainer)
  • Strategic Alignment with DX Donors (monthly retainer for active fundraising support, pro-bono follow-on)